Tuesday, December 15, 2009

me..myself and i..

Nothing much to know bout me..i just a simple girl lives in a simple life..born in December,17th 1985.i was the third child of four, having 2 sisters and one little brother..i was born and brought up in my Kedah until my aged turns 18.  my 1st school that i attended was my kindergarten, followed by my primary school then my high school..i could say that my life is quite complicated even though i consider it as "simple"..my parents also claimed that I'm the trouble-maker daughter  compared to the other siblings.  after my  SPM, i was offered to further my study in matriculation but i refused to go since i thought that its gonna be tough for me.i waited for another offer and luckily i was offered to join UiTM to further my study.  the first week of orientation was very hethic..i really hate it..i cried everyday since i was never been apart from my parents..i couldnt handle myself and called my parents telling them that i don't want 2 continue my study there. after a lot of problems..my parents decided to place me at one private college in Shah Alam doing Dip. in Medical Laboratory Technology.  i studied there 4 almost 2 1/2years  and i graduated with flying colors. for 2 and a half years, i learnt many things about life..i knew a lots of friends with different background..i built a good friendship and i miss every moment there.after graduated from my dip..i tried to apply to further my study in local uni..and alhamdulillah, i got the offer from IIUM to continue my bachelor degree in Biomedical Science..i was very happy so do my parents..i knew that was their dream and im so glad that i already fulfilled their wish..now..im here..in my last final semester before i graduated..i'm satisfy with my life for what i have now..happy family..loving parents and nice friends. the journey of my life still continue till end of my life..