Monday, February 1, 2010 and science..

I was late to class today,class start at 2pm,i woke up at 2.05pm..I reached the com lab at 2.30pm..luckly it was Madam Linda first class..she will teach us about HTML and other related stuff which is I'm not familiar with..nothing much to learn today, just an introduction about html.  So the first task that Madam ask us to do is creating a blog and write about "Journey of Life" in our post. Thanks God, I already have my own blog which has been used in my CADD,I just using the same blog for KOS1110..and fortunately I had created my post for "Journey of Life" task for today's class is already done..and this is my first post for my KOS1110..actually this subject must be taken when i was in my 1st year..but i took it in my final year with the other's fun actually cause i get to know other junior,sharing experience about how's life in classmates are very nice and they're really helpful especially during Dr.Salihin class..they helped me a lot!!thanks friends!!this some of my friends name:-

No Friend's Name Course
1 Atikah Bsms
2 Amina Bsms
3 Daila Bsms

What I expect from this class is to get as much knowledge about computers related with we are going to apply all the skills and knowledge in our study and when we're working soon.  I really hope that Madam Linda will teach us everything about computer in science till the end of this semester..Insyaallah